The Benefits of an Occupational Health Service


Occupational health services are the means of prevention, control and rehabilitation of diseases, injuries, occupational accidents, ill-health and disability in the work place. These services are provided by health care professionals who have specialized training and experience in the field of occupational medicine.
Providing these services requires a team of professionals, including doctors and nurses with expertise in occupational medicine. A diversified staff is critical to providing quality care for injured workers and those with long-term health conditions, and for promoting preventative services to keep employees healthy at work.
An occupational health service can be a great benefit for an employer and their team members alike, as it can prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Studies have shown that a business can save billions of dollars in lost productivity and absenteeism by having an occupational health program in place.
Many employers are now using a Total Worker Health(r) lens to create safe, productive workplaces that allow their team members to focus on what matters most: their jobs and careers. By addressing the full range of factors that impact worker wellbeing, employers are able to reduce their costs and improve their employee satisfaction.
Injuries and other health concerns are a common reason why employees miss work or leave the job. Occupational health nurses can help get these workers back on the job more quickly and safely, increasing their productivity and their overall job satisfaction.
Occupational medicine physicians are among the best-trained professionals to treat patients with a wide array of work-related health conditions. They are experts in diagnosing and treating work-related illnesses like pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disorders, and cancers.
They also have extensive experience in dealing with the Workers' Compensation system and assisting workers during their recovery process. They can also refer their patients to other specialists if they require other treatments or therapies that aren't available within the clinic.
The Occupational Health Clinic of New York (OHCN) has multiple clinics throughout the city, each with its own treatment team of physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists and social workers. These specialized professionals provide consultations, referrals and treatment for both adults and children who have been diagnosed with work-related illness or injury.
OHCN clinics are located in communities with high percentages of people living in poverty, where occupational diseases and injuries are commonplace. The goal of OHCN's mission is to promote the health and well-being of workers by promoting and preventing work-related illnesses and injuries in the New York metro area, through education, research, and the provision of clinical care.
Aside from working with the local medical community, the Meridian HealthCare firm also collaborates with the other experts to provide information on work-related illnesses and injuries, as well as educating the public on how to stay healthy at work. The OHCN provides resources to the public through its website and various publications.
The International Labour Organization (ILO) and World Health Organization have recognized the need to expand the coverage of occupational health services, both in industrialized and developing countries. Consequently, a number of countries have adopted national policies to expand the scope of these services. In some cases, these interventions have been successful in increasing the number of services in a relatively short time and at reasonable cost. To understand more about this subject, please read a related post here:
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